Complex object and complex subject for jewelers

This test is focused on such rules as Complex Object and Complex Subject. Its aim is to check your knowledge and understanding of these two grammatical concepts
READ it before the test (not after )📚📝

🔺 Revise the rule on Complex Object and Complex Subject. 
🔺You have only 15 minutes. 
🔺Read the task attentively as each task differs from the previous one.
🔺 Revise the rule on Complex Object and Complex Subject. 
🔺 While paraphrasing the sentence using one or another grammatical concept, pay attention to the tense that is used in the original sentence (See perf. inf., cont. inf. etc.). 
🔺Don't forget to put a full-stop ( . ) at the end of the sentence. 


🔺 At the end of the test, you will get the ...% that is equal to your mark. For example, if you get 83% it equals 8. Good luck! 
Number of questions in the test: 20