Modern medicine recognizes that a significant part of diseases is "triggered" by psychological problems, i.e. has a psychosomatic nature. The mechanisms of psychosomatic diseases lie in the fact that the body "stores" everything that the person carefully hides even from himself. But sooner or later accumulated and unresolved psychological problems make themselves felt, manifest themselves in the form of certain diseases.

As research shows, in psychosomatic diseases, 2/3 of the subjects have a peculiarity of perception of their emotions called alexithymia.


Alexithymia is a condition in which a person cannot distinguish feelings in the body from feelings and emotions.


 If a person cannot label his feelings and emotions, then the likelihood of getting psychosomatic illnesses increases dramatically. It can be said that emotions are experienced by the body, and the body gets sick and suffers from it. Emotions should be lived by the psyche, not the body, but for various reasons, this is not possible.


 I offer you a modified test by the method of the Toronto Alexithymia Scale (TAS) or, as it is also called, the Feeling Skills Test. The methodology "Alexithymia Scale" is aimed at studying alexithymia as a personality property; it was adapted in the Bekhterev Institute.


Instructions for the test

The test consists of 53 questions, by answering which you can understand how prone you are to react to stress through psychosomatic illnesses and symptoms. Read each question carefully and choose the one answer that best fits your needs. 


 The logic of the test is simple! The higher your final score, the greater the likelihood of psychosomatic damage, the greater the need for correction. Your score will be in one of 4 zones: 53-90 (the body compensates for stress), 91-180 (initial phase of the psychosomatic process), 181-230 (active development of psychosomatic process), 231 and higher (psychosomatic illness). You should understand that the test result is not a verdict, the conclusion in your case can only be made by a certified medical psychologist based on special diagnostics. However, the test - is a reason to think seriously about your health. And if the result is higher than 90 points - you need to see a medical psychologist! 

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Количество вопросов в тесте: 53
Автор: Ф. Милых
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