Music Theory entrance test Grade 1

This information test is designed to accompany the ABRSM Music Theory in Practice
Grade 1 workbook.

The progression of information through the grades is accumulative and ABRSM Grade 1
Music Theory provides the foundation for all future study.

Each section of this test accompanies a corresponding chapter in the ABRSM
workbook and provides all the information necessary to understand and complete each

Music theory is a vital part of music making. Every musician needs to be able to understand
what they are playing and why certain procedures need to be observed. However, even if
you don’t play an instrument the study of music theory is rewarding in its own right and
can be a valuable skill enabling you to become a more informed listener.

Instructions for the test

Time to complete the test is a maximum of 40 minutes, If you don't know the answer to a question, then just move on to the next one.

Number of questions in the test: 11
Source: YIAA