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Access to the intelligence test is absolutely free. The IQ test allows you to determine your level of ability to learn, understand, form concepts, use information, apply logic and reason, in comparison with the population. The IQ test offered by us was developed by a research group of specialists in the field of psychology.


After passing the test, you are given an IQ(Intelligence Quotient) score, which indicates your unique intellectual abilities and potential. The very concept of an Intelligence Quotient and IQ (Intelligence Quotient Human) psychometric ratings is controversial. However, it remains a popular tool for job placement and educational services. IQ tests are often used by  employers when hiring candidates. 


Do you want to know your IQ coefficient? Pass our free simple IQ test online without registration!

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Wikipedia - People's Encyclopedia: IQ (intelligence quotient, read "Ai Q") - a quantitative assessment of the level of human intelligence (intelligence quotient):

  1. the level of intelligence relative to the level of intelligence of an average person (of the same or middle age)
  2. in a narrower sense, the ratio of the so-called mental age to the true chronological age of a given person (individual)


Intelligence Quotient (IQ) refers to a standardized measure of human intelligence. The standard is dependent on deviations that an individual makes. According to psychologists, all individuals have a presumed IQ of 100. The standard deviation of 30 implies that an individual may fall short of 100 or exceed the standard.

Number of questions in the test: 10