In the bag

All of us lose things. Sometimes we don't even realize they're lost. Remember the feeling of desperation as you checked your pockets for the fifth time just to make sure you didn't miss it? Lost objects have a way of staying lost, only to turn up months after you've given up looking and forgotten all about them. Finding things lost by other people works the same way. You don't usually look for lost purses or wallets on purpose. It happens usually doing something else.
Test instructions
This test is the game. You have to read the situation and answer one question. Giving an answer, you need to follow the following rules: Say the first thing that comes to mind; This game is best played in the company; Do not try to guess the answers; Be honest; Get ready for the game in advance; Do not get ahead of ourselves; Watch the reaction of people (including for their own); Look at things more widely.
Number of questions in the test: 1