SMARTool for English-speaking learners of Russian - Level A1, TRANSPORT

The SMARTool, a free web resource for learners of Russian, was created in 2018 to optimize the acquisition of Russian vocabulary and morphology. The SMARTool consists of up to three most frequent wordforms for a basic vocabulary of Russian 3000 lexemes (nouns, adjectives, and verbs) typically found in the textbooks.

This is the SMARTool Exercises - a supplementary resource for the Russian language learners which targets to train the choice of a correct wordform. It includes a set of short texts with gaps and a multiple choice test to fill in those gaps. The texts are based on the data retrieved from the SMARTool and adapted for the A1 proficiency level.
Test instructions
This test covers the topic TRANSPORT.
To complete the exercise, choose one of three given wordforms to build a grammatically correct sentence. 
Number of questions in the test: 5
You can choose the desired number of questions