Study practice 1 course - Checkpoint No. 1

Study practice 1 course


Checkpoint # 1. Thematic plan:

1. The structure of the healthcare facility. Admission department. Functional duties and patient sanitization.

2. Sanepid and medical - protective regimes. Functional responsibilities of nursing staff.

3. Organization of meals in health care facilities. Diet therapy. Feeding seriously ill patients. Caring for a febrile patient in various periods of fever. Rating "5" - 91-100%, rating "4" - 81-90%, rating "3" - 70-80%, rating "2" - less than 69% of correct answers.

Инструкция к тесту
You need to answer 20 randomly selected questions from the database. Attention to only one correct answer. Upon successful completion of the test, you will receive a certificate. Send this to your teacher.
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Number of questions in the test: 20