Study practice 1 course - Checkpoint No. 1

Study practice 1 course


Checkpoint # 1. Thematic plan:

1. The structure of the healthcare facility. Admission department. Functional duties and patient sanitization.

2. Sanepid and medical - protective regimes. Functional responsibilities of nursing staff.

3. Organization of meals in health care facilities. Diet therapy. Feeding seriously ill patients. Caring for a febrile patient in various periods of fever. Rating "5" - 91-100%, rating "4" - 81-90%, rating "3" - 70-80%, rating "2" - less than 69% of correct answers.

Instructions for the test
You need to answer 20 randomly selected questions from the database. Attention to only one correct answer. Upon successful completion of the test, you will receive a certificate. Send this to your teacher.
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Number of questions in the test: 20