The Luscher color test

The Luscher Color Test, despite the remarkable ease and speed with which it can be administered, is a "deep" psychological test, developed for the use of psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians and those who are professionally involved with the conscious and unconscious characteristics and motivations of others. It is NOT a parlor game, and most emphatically it is not a weapon to be used in a general contest of "one-upmanship."
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Michael 11.03.2019 17:23
I think it is spot on. Do not overlook the 1 minute rest period.
09.03.2019 17:04
Very wrong👎
06.11.2018 16:05
just a bit bad
Anakin 18.10.2018 21:35
My restrained characteristic: not having the high ground.
hi 18.10.2018 21:31
um... i dont like it
russian 18.10.2018 21:29
stop being mean... not appreciated
maejrus 06.10.2018 20:50
Surprisingly accurate! I can't believe how true the result is!
Roquentin 15.12.2018 02:34
I was amazed
Peter 19.09.2018 22:58
Sorry I pressed the wrong thumb - I really like this test
Peter 19.09.2018 22:56
Such a simple test and yet it has struck some deep chords within me.
annie 06.09.2018 11:19
It couldn't be more accurate.
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