Personality Test: How ambitious are you?

  • 1
    Пожалуйста,авторизуйтесь! ФИОsmiley
  • 2
    In ten years do you hope to:
  • 3
    Is improving your standard of living important to you?
  • 4
    In twenty years' time do you hope to
  • 5
    Do you think people who have money should help people who don't have money?
  • 6
    How old do you want to be when you have children?
  • 7
    When you are playing a game, do you always want to win?
  • 8
    Do you think that rich people are happier and more interesting than other people?
  • 9
    If you have a job to do, do you do it immediately, or do you wait until the last moment?
  • 10
    Do you agree with the philosophy "Every man for himself"?. Share your ideas.
  • 11
    Which of the following is most important to you?
  • 12
    What is success for you? How do you see a successful person?