Do you know rock and pop history?

  • 1
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  • 2
    Who's known as "the King of Rock"?
  • 3
    When and where did rock and roll music begin?
  • 4
    Who's the best known member of "Rolling stones"
  • 5
    The Beatles entered the world chats in
  • 6
    The Beatles or the Fab Four were from
  • 7
    The Beatles gained popularity in the United Kingdom after their first hit
  • 8
    Boris Grebenshchikov was born in
  • 9
    Who is the "founding father" of Russian rock music?
  • 10
    Victor Tsoi is known as the most successfulrock musician and the leader of the rock group KINO
  • 11
    When did Alla Pugacheva become the winner of the International Singers' Contest "The Golden Orpheus" in Bolgaria?
  • 12
    What music are you keen on?