• 1Ваше ФИО
  • 2What helps you to stay in good health?
  • 3Do you know what GM means?
  • 4GM food is safe for eating?
  • 5GM food can be changed in many ways to help science and medicine.
  • 6GM food are not naturally produced
  • 7Decide which of them are myths:
    Garlic prevents heart disease
    Apricot is good for your skin.
    Green tea protects your teeth
    Milk is very good for children.
    Banana is good for your muscles.
  • 8How has what we eat changed?
  • 9Find out the odd words
    a nurse
    a surgeon
    a teacher
    a paramedic
    an engineer
  • 10Tick the things patients do
    take pills
    give injections
  • 11Living in the city centre can be
  • 12What you normally do if you catch a cold?
  • 13Symptom- sneezing remedy:
  • 14Do you smokе?
  • 15Do you care about your health?