A person's face can exhaustively tell about a person's character. There is a branch of psychology, which is called physiognomy - the science of human behavior, character reading in the face.
This physiognomic test is designed to reveal in you features that you probably do not know about, as well as to know yourself and the people you meet.
The psychological portrait you will pass will be based on physiognomy. You yourself will evaluate all the parameters, try to be accurate, the result depends on it.
In order not to delve into long-term reasoning, we will consider the physiognomy of your lips, and the qualities that they give you. Remember that in addition to the lips on the face there is a mouth, nose, jaw, chin, eyes, forehead, eyebrows and more. Therefore, this psychological portrait will not be complete enough, but interesting.
Количество вопросов в тесте: 5