Since ancient times, people have seen mysterious phenomena in the sky.   People of antiquity explained them by divine terrible omens. Most likely, many of these objects were comets, asteroids and other atmospheric phenomena that were simply unknown to our ancestors. Even then, they knew that there was an infinite number of "worlds", planets and satellites in which extraterrestrial life could be hiding. This is called COSMIC PLURALISM. In 1514, belief in cosmic pluralism became widespread. That's when it happened COPERNICAN REVOLUTION. When people learned that the Earth is not the center of the universe, and there are actually an infinite number of planets in space, they began to build scientific theories about aliens. So, starting from the 16th century, theories about the existence of life on the Moon, the Sun, Mars and other planets began to develop. The search and study of extraterrestrial life became a science of its own, Astrobiology. With advances in technology in the 1960s, scientists ruled out the possibility of extraterrestrial life on the moon. And it became clear that there is no highly developed life on all the bodies of the solar system.  Astrobiology is handled by the secret intelligence services of different states and most likely hides the real results of the research from us. So, they say that there is no significant progress in the study of extraterrestrial life.



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